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Dear partners of the EJOT Group,

In Germany and Europe we have been debating for several months, whether and how politics should react to the warming of our planet and to the emerging climate change. This is in part due to Greta Thunberg, the icon of the “Fridays for Future” movement. She says she wants all of us to panic, so that finally something will be done to save the world. She has brought movement into the debate, but “panic” is not a good guide, especially since the tasks ahead are not absolutely clear and some are even contradictory. For example, if we want to reduce CO2 emissions, we could extend the operating time of nuclear power plants and in turn shut down coal-fired power plants faster. When it comes to the topics of diesel and particulate matter, public transport comes into mind, which has particularly high concentrations of both. Bird protection vs. wind power, mining of rare earths vs. electromobility. There are usually no easy answers and the solution seems to me more of a persistent work on these challenges. 

For that reason we have put the topic of sustainability at the focus of this issue of 
moment. We want to shed light on what contribution we can and want to make, in order to constructively work towards the goal of a sustainable planet. We know that as a company, in the past we have focused our efforts mainly on the areas of innovation, costs, quality and reliability. Now another dimension is added. As a group of companies we contribute with our products (lightweight construction, downsizing, thermal insulation) to the saving of resources, a more efficient use of energy and in turn lowering the environmental burden.

I am delighted that with the guest editorials by Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer and Dr. Stefan Beyer, we have found two writers who can show the range of sustainability – economic, social, ecological – noting down the contributions that we as a company can afford, for future orientation.

Do you have any suggestions? Criticism or feedback? We are looking forward to it. Please talk to our employees or write to us (moment@ejot.com).

Kind Regards
Christian F. Kocherscheidt
Managing Director

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