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Dear customers and partners of the EJOT Group,

Today we present to you the autumn edition of our customer and partner magazine – EJOT moment. The main topic of this issue is electromobility, which is on the rise in many countries, including the European Union. This is demonstrated on the one hand by the sharply increasing share of e-vehicles in the registration statistics, but also by the special government subsidies of many countries, with the goal to reduce the environmental impact of the mobility sector. Discussions among friends and family often lead to lengthy debates on this topic - friends and skeptics of electromobility both have their resolute opinions on this topic. The subject is also an emotional one.

For our group the topic is exciting, as we see great opportunities for us. From charging station to battery, from power electronics to lightweight construction, which is important for increasing the range of the vehicle - EJOT solutions are in demand for many applications.

Electromobility is an example of radical change. We experience this not only in mobility or in the drive train of the automobile. I cannot remember seeing so many unexpected changes in the past few decades. A pandemic that has the whole world under control, an enormous pressure on the world‘s supply chains. A general manager of our group just described it as a “Happy No Year”, no plastic granulate, no wire, no containers and no microchips. Who could have imagined this a year ago?

For our group it is also a time of transformation into a new legal structure of the company and into an even more extensive international setup. We will report on the latter in more detail in the spring edition of moment. Then, in the hundredth year of our company‘s history, we will look at the next 100 years and take matters into our own hands. I am very much looking forward to this!

Yours sincerely,

Christian F. Kocherscheidt
Managing Director

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