Lightweight design made easy

The joining technology EJOWELD®, developed by the fastening specialist EJOT, is an innovative solution to join different materials and semi-finished parts.

This innovation offers the possibility to join multi-material-designs, especially lightweight materials such as aluminum and advanced high-strength steel, with a friction element setting tool which is suitable for robots. 

Besides the technology, the business unit EJOWELD® also provides the development and production of friction welding elements as well as the full equipment and service. All from one source!

Since February 2015, EJOWELD® machines have been running in the automotive serial production setting reliably thousands of joints every day.


EJOWELD® friction welding is used to join overlapping work pieces without pre-hole. A requirement for this method is a two-sided accessibility...

EJOWELD Technology


 We offer a wide range of services from feasibility studies to technology support in series production...

EJOWELD® Services

EJOWELD® Application Check

Our EJOWELD® Application Check gives you a first general result about the feasibility of your joining task. Click here for a registration and log-in ...

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EJOWELD® Products

Friction elements for demanding tasks in automotive structural engineering...

EJOWELD® Products


Various levels of monitoring are available to ensure the quality of the joining point ...

EJOWELD® Quality


EJOWELD® offers the unique possibility to join different materials (lightweight material / high strength steel) with a robot suitable setting tool without any pre-treatment (cleaning, de-coating, pre-hole)...

EJOWELD® Equipment


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Our sales manager in the business unit EJOWELD®, Sebastian Schrodt, is looking forward to your contact.

Phone: +49 36252 42 290 
e-mail: sschrodt(at)ejot.com