Delta PT® P

Innovative screw material

- Available Screw length on request
- Smallest Screw diameter currently 2.5 mm
- Secure and reliable direct assembly into thermoplastics
- Light weight design: significant weight savings compared to screws made of steel
- Reliable clamp load retention under thermal stress
- No corrosion
- Non-magnetic
- Recyclable
- Coefficient of expansion adapted to plastic

The trend subject "lightweight design" is one of the central starting points of cross-business research and development activities of many companies, in particular in the automotive industry. In the future special importance will be attached to the lightweight suitability of the used fasteners for applications in the field of direct assembly into thermoplastics. For that reason EJOT developed a DELTA PT® screw made of plastic, which fulfills these increased demands. This innovative fastening element made of the thermoplastic PPA GF50 with 50% fibre glass, offers the same joint reliability as metal screws but with a much higher potential for weight reduction. A plastic DELTA PT® P screw with similar dimensions weighs up to 85% less than its counterpart made of steel.


Optimum component design
The layout design for the direct assembly of steel screws into thermoplastic material often shows that unreinforced materials such as PA6, PP, ABS or POM often have considerably lower strength properties than the fastener itself. In order to match the material strength properties the fastener material should be adapted to the mating material. For this reason plastic is the favoured fastener material - as in the DELTA PT® P.


DELTA PT® P Head Styles and Drives
WN5451 round washer head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT
WN5454 flat countersunk head with TORX PLUS®/AUTOSERT